Lash Botox Keratenol Essence Keratin Eyelash Conditioner, 12 ml

Description Restorative keratin conditioner for eyelashes for skin care after lamination. Can be used every day at home. Thanks to its protein base, keratin increases the life of damaged hairs, restoring their protein structure, improving hair metabolism. Increases its nourishment and activates growth of new lashes. Use after eyelash lamination procedures, as well as home skin care. Conditioner contains panthenol. Envelops each hair with a thin protective film, without making it heavier. Protects hairs from ultraviolet radiation, high temperature and other adverse environmental effects. When used regularly, it seals and thickens hairs. Lashes look thicker and more dense. Conditioner has a pleasant coconut scent. Characteristic

Nourishing Serum for Eyelashes "Lash Charge" Lash Botox, 5 ml

Description Lash Botox “Lash Charge” Nourishing Eyelash Serum Restoration and care of natural eyelashes has never been so affordable and effective at the same time. Serum quickly and reliably fills voids and damage in hair structure thanks to the deep penetration of collagen molecules and a whole complex of nourishing components: Omega-3, omega-6, omega-9. Polyunsaturated fatty acids from wheat germ oil increase the lifespan of each lash. Prolong the effect of lamination and botox of eyelashes by using the serum after procedures on a regular basis. Castor oil initiates tissue regeneration and stimulates the growth of new lashes. Complex of 7 oils + 8 vitamins: Castor oil, almond extract, aloe, protein, wheat germ protein, rice protein, wheat oil, evening primrose oil, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, E, D. No magic. Only proven and skillfully-combined vitamins and oils for health, density and beauty of eyelashes. Recommended to apply a small amount of serum daily using the applicator. Spread over the entire length of eyelashes. Volume: 5 ml. Shelf life 24 months. 12 months after opening.

Botox for eyelashes "Regenerating Booster" Lash Botox, 15 ml

Description New generation of botox for eyelashes! Supernew Lash Botox—Botox that does not need to be diluted. Botoxing eyelashes is now even faster and easier! Regenerating Booster formula consists of 75% natural ingredients. New form of collagen is atelocollagen. Its molecules are even smaller. Penetrates the structure of the eyelashes and fills damaged areas even better. Consumption: 0.2 ml per procedure. 1 tube is enough for 65-80 procedures! Regenerating Booster is an innovative beauty formula and a completely new look at the Botox procedure. How does Lash Botox “Regenerating Booster” work? Aimed primarily at filling damaged parts of the eyelash. Restorative effect is achieved. Eyelashes immediately look more dense, voluminous and healthy. Atelocollagen in the formulation of botox makes lashes shinier. Creates a thin protective layer on them. Regenerating Booster formula is enriched with 5 oils: castor, argan, almond, macadamia and jojoba. They nourish the eyelashes, make them more elastic, stronger and eliminate their fragility. Also contains aloe juice, betaine, panthenol (vitamin B5), hydrolyzed wheat proteins and hydrate of rice proteins, tocopherol acetate and vitamin A. Enhances the nutritional effect of botox. Saturates the hairs with moisture and softens them. Does not need to be diluted like regular botox, but effect is still bright and noticeable. Enough for 65-80 procedures. To make the formulation “stay” longer on the lashes and so that it doesn’t wash off, combine the botox procedure with lamination. To achieve the maximum therapeutic effect, carry out a complex of 3-4 procedures (depending on the condition of the customer’s eyelashes) with an interval of 2-3 weeks. Characteristic Delivery EMS Courier Service: Approximate delivery time - from 2 weeks. Only non-contract shipments TNT Delivery Service (contract shipments): Shipment delivery basis - DAT Incoterms 2010 with conclusion of foreign trade agreement. Import duties and taxes will be the responsibility of the Recipient TNT Delivery Service (non-contract shipments): Approximate delivery time from - 4 days Another delivery method: You can choose another

Botox for eyelashes "Lash Botox"

Description How does botox for eyelashes work? Effect of botox for eyelashes has changed after updating the formula of LASH BOTOX: Treatment and nourishment are 40% more intense. We hydrolyzed not only keratin, but also collagen. Particles of the healing substances have become even smaller. They easily penetrate deep into the hair and fill damaged areas. Eyelashes grow faster. Combined with tocopherol, which supplies every cell with oxygen, salicylic acid stimulates growth. New component in LASH BOTOX. Softness combined with elastic curl. Collagen brings elasticity. Panthenol smooths cuticle of the eyelashes to a glossy shine. Action of hyaluronic acid makes excessive eyelash stiffness disappear. Long-lasting coloring has become even brighter. Research in our Swiss laboratory allowed us to find the ideal ratio of argan oil to other components. Eyelashes are colored more intensely. Color is rich and long-lasting—up to 8 weeks.

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